Joint Stock Company "International Council of Russian Germans "Vozrozhdenie" (JSC "ICRN "Vozrozhdenie")

Charter of the International Alliance of Russian Germans "Revival"

We, the International Alliance of Russian Germans “Renaissance”, call on all those who feel their spiritual connection with the Russian world, regardless of national and religious affiliation, to unite their efforts in building a new world order, free from inequality, misanthropy, lies and the unjust right of the “strong” in relations between states, nations and people.

History teaches the world community that it is impossible to survive by plundering and destroying other nations. This also applies to the attempts to wipe out Russian civilization, which proved to be unrealizable. And there are many reasons for this, the most important of which is the unity of the Russian civilization, based on its multi-ethnic and multi-confessional composition, multiculturalism and a set of historically established traditional values. The Russian statehood, whose main task has always been and is to ensure the safe and harmonious existence of the entire cultural and ethnic diversity of the Russian world, stands on these staples of Russian society. Hence in Russian self-consciousness the commitment to equality and respect for the original and traditional development of all peoples of the world, which implies recognizing for each of them the right to sovereign state development that does not threaten other states and societies.

Our understanding of our common historical development with Russian society, as well as our commitment to the Russian language and culture, religion and Russian identity, allows us – Russian Germans – to speak of bi-identity and biculturalism of our existence. This compels us today to raise our voices in the fight against the Russophobia widely broadcast in the Western world.

Russophobia, being a form of actively planted xenophobia, becomes widespread in the modern world not only at the level of individual, but also public consciousness in many Western countries. It is based on false thoughts, ideas and meanings attributed to Russian society and Russians by the ruling Western elites and the “nose in the wind” media. The promotion of Russophobic discourse in the information space was consistent, accompanied by new forms of psychological influence on the world community in order to form a worldview rejection of the entire Russian world. This was primarily due to geopolitical rivalry, to the desire of the “golden billion” of mankind to maintain its own hegemony in the world. This explains the evolution of Russophobia practices in the West: from rejection of Russian politics to rejection of the Russian people, from forms of political antipathy and engagement, “culture of abolition” to various forms of discrimination against the Russian-speaking population and actual manifestation of racism.

Rejecting the use of inhumane practices of Russophobic influence on interstate and social relations in the modern world, we call on the entire Russian world and the world community as a whole to open dialog and cooperation on principles:

  • good-neighborliness and respect for state national interests based on the preservation of sovereignty and safe coexistence of the peoples of all countries;
  • preventing the embodiment of revanchist aspirations in the public consciousness of citizens of new generations;
  • Recognizing the legitimacy of social development based on the totality of historically developed values, traditions, customs, culture and language of each people;
  • objective and truthful information in the media, digital space, and the system of worldview education of the younger generations;
  • freedom of economic relations and financial flows, based on the interests of economic actors and the legal framework of the respective countries and international law;
  • exposing discriminatory practices stemming from national and racist phobias against citizens and businesses.

These principles of the Charter, developed on the initiative of the International Alliance of Russian Germans “Renaissance” and addressed to all people of good will, offer a concrete format for uniting around humanistic values, traditions of “Russian civilization”, principles of good-neighborliness and mutual benefit. Joining the Charter allows:

  • participate in the promotion of people-to-people diplomacy practices aimed at realizing the principles of equality and respect, humane peaceful coexistence of the countries of the world community;
  • to use opportunities and contribute to the development of resource, information and economic base for the realization of economic interests of the Charter’s supporters through cooperation and digitalization, as well as for mutual assistance in supporting citizens and organizations in starting and running a business;
  • use the created services of the electronic map of the compatriot as a tool to simplify cross-border movements of citizens and businesses, as well as their communication with the authorities;
  • to carry out joint activities with communities and opinion leaders in promising international projects, as well as to attract resources for the realization of civil commercial initiatives aimed at satisfying the mutually beneficial interests of the Charter’s supporters;
  • reduce costs and obtain the necessary constructive information when proposing and practically implementing commercial and socio-cultural projects aimed at promoting the interests of citizens and businesses on the path of relocation;
  • to develop cooperation in promoting in general and additional education, in mass media, in the network space, as well as in applied scientific research and development a system of traditional humanistic values, free from myth-making and politically opportunistic Russophobic fabrications.

Joining the Charter gives everyone an opportunity to clarify their life position in accordance with the proposed principles of our activities and get additional opportunities to realize their own life plans and business projects, as well as to contribute to the formation of a just and humane world for future generations.